Things i’m giving up to align with my baby

The past 3 years that have felt like 10000 years have really taken the tole on me and my partner. From going through life treating ectopic pregnancy, having an early miscarriage, taking multiple ovulation tests and seeing more negative pregnancy tests in 1 month than most women take in their lifetime! Our relationship was starting to truly suck and sex felt like a chore to have a child. We didn’t want to give up on our dream but we sure wanted something to change this lead me to the law of attraction and how many women had used it to manifest their babies after struggling to conceive.

So I’m giving it a go and going to use the law of attraction to bring our baby into our arms. I may just end up looking like a ” crazy ” spiritual person but It could work and id be blessed with my rainbow baby and inspire other women to also attract their baby with the techniques I am going to use.


 ovulation/pregnancy test

My life was actually getting controlled by sticks you dip in your pee yeap I know pretty sad when you put it like that but I would wait for cycle day 9 to arrive and take an ovulation test pretty much every day sometimes twice a day  some cycles I didn’t get that positive till cycle day 28 so that would be 3 weeks of questioning am I ovulating yet ? is this a positive ? maybe I’ve missed my peak? then I would wait unpatiently to take a pregnancy test and that’s a whole lot of stress testing too early then evap lines then false positives then multiple negatives. All this is doing is telling my self I am not pregnant and I do not have a baby I need to flip that story.

Cycle tracking

I am still going to use the cycle apps to note when my period arrives as I would never remember just in case I need this information at doctors appointment or of course to work our my due date when I am pregnant but I have banned my self from using any other tool on the app so no looking at prediction ovulation and no adding symptoms ect.

Moaning about others being pregnant

I am so guilty for doing this I see someone on the tv who is pregnant and I moan to my partner argh do you know that’s her 6th unplanned pregnancy all that does is make me feel rubbish for the whole day and blocks my manifestations.

No more ” I should be …. “

Pregnancy loss is hard you find your self always saying I should be so many months pregnant, I should be at the park with my baby on this sunny day. from now on it is I will be pregnant and I will take my baby to the park on a sunny day.

Give up the negative words

This is a basic law of attraction teaching that all who want to manifest their dream lives should be using from now on I will not use words like hate / Can’t / Impossible / It won’t happen etc.


I’m at the stage in life when it seems everyone to be in front of me and totally got their life together but I need to stop comparing my self to others and just focus on my own life path.


Trying for a baby has made me such a jealous person and every time I feel the jealousy of others having a baby it just makes me hate my self for the way I feel. So I will be working on being a non-jealous person.

Time Frames

I will let go of time frames whether that is the days I can get pregnant because of ovulation or when my baby’s due date would be if I was to get pregnant a certain month.

I am not infertile 

I will no longer say to my self or anyone else that I suffer from infertility and I will declare my self super fertile!

Hanging onto the past

I have a lot of groundwork with this one but I will be working towards letting go of the past although I am ok with my pregnancy loss and believe they have made me a stronger person and I will be a better mum because of it. I still have days when I ask why me? and miss the child I was robbed of having. Part of me holds onto so much because I feel that it means I don’t care about our child but I know that will not be the case I just need to let go of the negative energy that doesn’t serve me anymore.

Manifested your baby? Leave me a comment about your success stories 





One thought on “Things i’m giving up to align with my baby

  1. Hi Samantha!- I have tubal related infertility. My ectopic was in 2003, I was 23. I’m going to be 40 this summer and my son will turn 1 a couple days before my birthday. I can tell u after all those years of living in the world with infertility I get it. If u ever need or want to talk I can share with u what helped me. I studied Law of Attraction heavy in 2010. I manifested my husband with in a few months. I mostly read and listened to Abraham Hicks. Thy have been around since the 80’s. Kinda the OG of Law of Attraction in the metaphysics world. I got he most out of “Ask and It is Given”, they have a ton on YouTube as well for free.
    The biggest thing for me was realizing that I first had to start to get happy and try to find healthy ways to raise my vibration. Ie- and when I was not feeling good to learn how to do nohing or as close to that (besides working)in that space, make no decisions, give myself the time I needed until I did feel better… I would love to continue to keep in touch with you. I know that this can just be another tool to help you stay positive and to continue to find ways to feel the best you can feel during this time and will also help you for the future and all aspects of your life.

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