Things i’m giving up to align with my baby

The past 3 years that have felt like 10000 years have really taken the tole on me and my partner. From going through life treating ectopic pregnancy, having an early miscarriage, taking multiple ovulation tests and seeing more negative pregnancy tests in 1 month than most women take in their lifetime!¬†Our relationship was starting to truly suck and sex felt like a chore to have a child. We didn’t want to give up on our dream but we sure wanted[Read more]

Infertility In The Bible

Our struggle to becoming parents lead us to the biggest question many often wonder “If God is real then why is he making us suffer in pain and not giving us a child? ” So I decided to look into this and not being such a religious person I wasnt aware of the women in the bible who also struggled to become mothers. So I wanted to share these stories with you and hope they give you so much hope[Read more]