Infertility In The Bible

Our struggle to becoming parents lead us to the biggest question many often wonder “If God is real then why is he making us suffer in pain and not giving us a child? ” So I decided to look into this and not being such a religious person I wasnt aware of the women in the bible who also struggled to become mothers. So I wanted to share these stories with you and hope they give you so much hope as they did me and help bring the faith of God back into your life.


Infertility Couples in the Bible

Abraham & Sarah – Probably the most well-known story of infertility in the bible. God promised Abraham & Sarah that one day they would be parents even though they were in their late 90s and had no children. When God came to the couple and told them they would have a boy they both laughed as they had lost faith in having a child in their old age (Genesis 18:12-15) but a year later Sarah gave birth to a boy and named him Isaac. Sarah and Abraham lost faith and laughed at God.

Just because God’s timing isn’t what you want doesn’t make it wrong. 

Consider this: If Sarah hadn’t given birth to Isaac when she did, he wouldn’t have met Rebekah, his wife, and so on for the succeeding generations. Sarah didn’t know it then, but the timing of Isaac’s birth created Jesus’ family tree. Your family will grow at just the right time because  God is the God of perfect timing.


Isaac & Rebekah

Isaac married Rebekah when he was 40 years old, there was no age given of Rebekah, so it is always assumed that she was at least 20 years younger. For the first 20 years of their marriage, Rebekah was unable to conceive. (Genesis 25:21–24)Says that Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was barren. He sets a great example for any couple going through infertility. If your partners aren’t praying for you and over you, I encourage him/Her to follow Isaac’s example. If Isaac prayed over her womb, I believe all the men/women today should be doing the same. The Lord granted Isaac’s prayer, but only after TWENTY YEARS of infertility. Rebekah conceived and gave birth to TWINS (Jacob and Esau) after twenty years of pleading with God.


Jacob & Rachel

Isaac and Rebekah’s younger son (the one mentioned above), married sisters Leah and Rachel. Leah had six sons and one daughter, while the Lord closed Rachel’s womb. Rachel complained often to her husband about her infertility, saying, “I will just die if you don’t give me children (Genesis 30:1)!” Jacob and Rachel even argued about this. The Bible tells us that Jacob became angry with Rachel, saying, “Am I God? He’s the One responsible for you not getting pregnant, not me (Genesis 30:2)!” Even back then, infertility caused stress on relationships!
Finally, Scripture tells us that “God remembered Rachel. He heard her prayer and made her fertile. She conceived and gave birth to her first son. (Genesis 30:22)” She named him Joseph. Rachel died giving birth to her second son, Benjamin. (Genesis 35:18).


Hannah & Elkanah

Hannah prayed year after year for children. She was often consumed with thoughts of infertility, so distraught that she could not eat. The Bible tells us that Hannah was heartbroken, and she began to pray to the Eternal One, weeping uncontrollably as she did (1 Samuel 1:9-10). When Elkanah saw Hannah praying (she was weeping, and her lips were moving, but words were not coming out…boy does that sound familiar!) he accused her of being drunk. Hannah had to explain to him that she was not drunk, but that she was a woman who has been pouring out the pain in her soul before the Eternal One (1 Samuel 1:15). God remembered Hannah’s petition, and she became pregnant with Samuel. After giving birth to Samuel, Hannah conceived and gave birth to three sons and two daughters.


Elizabeth & Zecharias

(Luke 1:6) tells us that Elizabeth and Zecharias were good people in God’s sight and walked in the Lord’s way. But they had the sadness that, due to Elizabeth’s infertility, they were childless. Additionally, they were both well past childbearing years. A Messenger of the Lord came to Zecharias and explained to him that his wife would have a son, whom they were to call John. He would be filled with the Holy Spirit, even in Elizabeth’s womb, and he would be born with the mission to turn many of the people of Israel around to follow the path of  God (Luke 1:14-16).



I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in his word I hope; – Psalm 130:5



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